About Us

Piyali SahaHey, thanks a lot for stopping by. My name is Piyali Saha and I am a self-confessed and self-proclaimed gadget freak. I cannot imagine my life without cool gadgets around.

I chase gadget news, and recent launches. There has not been even a single gadget launch that has missed my prying eyes. I know this was a bit of exaggeration, but you got the point.

My love for gadgets and gizmos has made me start this gadget blog. I wanted to turn my passion for new and upcoming gadgets into a blog, and possibly an income stream. The result of such desire is GadgetParlor.com

On this blog you will not see any of the posts that concern itself with old technology. I always want to be ahead in the race that is why I mostly write about the gadgets that has yet to hit the market.

What I do other than blogging?

I am a freelance copywriter and advertising teacher. I teach copywriting and other aspects of ad making to MBA students. Prior to this, I worked in the top advertising agencies in India. I have 4+ years of copywriting experience, and 2+ years of teaching experience.

I have designed many ads, and helped many products make a distinct place in the minds of Indian consumers.

But, this is not why you have come to this place. You visited this place to know about latest gadgets and gizmos, and I promise, I will not disappoint you.

However, if you want to avail my services then feel free to contact me on piyalis2006@gmail.com.

Where should you go from here?

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If you are interested in seeing the work I did as a copywriter then please visit