What to look for while buying an e-Book reader

e-Book readersEven if you are not gadgets’ fanatic you must be aware of the wave called e-Book reader cresting the market with potential customers and new device entries every other week.

It isn’t something new, but surprisingly enough it has been on the earth for quite a good number of years. Back in 2007 Amazon Kindle(d) the need for a dedicated digital reader to fire the trend today.

If you don’t own it still then this short guide may help you to decide on one pretty soon.

The most sought after features

If you are an ardent reader then this device is bound to find a place in your bag. Yes, you guessed it right. The size of an e-Book reader does matter. The lighter and thinner the better it is for you to carry around anywhere.

The most appealing feature of these devices is its crisp, paper-like e-Ink display. If you care for your eyes, and you read for long stretches then stick to an e-Ink display than an LCD one. Headaches and strenuous eyes will be a history for you. With an LCD screen you can’t even think of reading in bright sunlight, but the electronic ink display reads best in bright day-light. Just remember to carry a small light if you are a nocturnal reader.

The third most appreciated aspect is the battery life of an e-Book reader. The ones using e-Ink display tend to conserve power, thus providing the reader with battery juice lasting for around a month.

Additional features that you need to decide on

Do you think an e-Book reader should have an MP3 player? I think it is foolish to have one when there are dedicated MP3 players to soothe your hearing taste.

The first generation Kindle had 2GB of storage for 1500 books. Can somebody still read more books in a lifetime? Larger storage capacity is unnecessary unless somebody wants to use it as a storage device!

It is necessary for you to check out if the e-Book reader sports text highlighting, notes taking and bookmarking of pages. Such trivial functionalities prove extremely handy while traveling.

Attributes such as address book, calendar, a to-do list, and robotic voice reading out text are superficial for an e-Book reader. Now-a-days with an iPhone or Blackberry by your side you really don’t expect an e-Book reader, of all, to have such characteristics.

Definitely, an e-Book reader must be ambidextrous, having an accelerometer, wireless enabled, and easy to use.

With Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Ectaco (thinnest and least priced jetBook Mini), and of course Apple (iPad, which I don’t consider as an e-Book reader) touting their e-Book readers to be the best, it is difficult for you to purchase one from the lot. The best trick is to keep the above list in mind, and decide one which isn’t heavy on your pocket and serves the purpose of only reading. Wishing you happy purchasing an e-Book reader.

Author: Piyali

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