Buying an MP3 Player? Don’t mistake overlooking some key features

I was excited to listen to my first MP3 music player. I kept it on even while sleeping on the first night. Next day morning I carried it to the gym. Whether jogging or traveling my MP3 Player was an inseparable part of my life for a week. And then suddenly it stopped working while I was on a workout! It was a shock for both of us.

I never cared to know the device before and after buying it unless losing it to mishandling. Sharing with you a few facts may help you make wise choices while buying one for yourself.

Buy an MP3 Player suiting your lifestyle

Believe it or not, but the truth is that MP3 Player needs to be bought


to adapt your lifestyle and not the other way round. Keep these few key features in mind before purchasing:

Storage medium

The MP3 Players are available with two types of storage medium – hard-drive based and flash based. The hard-drive players offer most storage space, tend to be larger in size, and at the same time they are prone to damage as hard disks are fragile. You need to avoid jumping around with it!

The flash based players are more durable, smaller in size and lighter which makes them ideal for travelling or workouts.

Storage capacity

If you are a music aficionado, and you love to carry a wide variety of music collection then hard-drive based player is best for you. It can accommodate nearly 20,000 songs for you with the maximum storage capacity of around 80GB.

If music is just to keep you company everywhere then you can opt for a flash-based player which offers nearly 2000 tunes with a storage capacity of 8GB.

Battery life

MP3 music players generally use rechargeable batteries. If you buy a hard-drive based device then be aware of its power inefficiency. Due to movable parts such devices consume more battery. If you happen to view video then the battery life reduces even further.

On the other hand, flash-based devices are energy-efficient and are capable of supporting 20 to 50 hours of battery life.

Check out some more features to get the best deal

The interface of your digital audio device should be easier to understand and faster to operate to enable faster loading of music on the device.

Always buy a player with maximum capacity and one with FM tuner to offer your ears a wider variety of music.

Be careful to note whether maximum file formats are supported by the MP3 Player of your choice. Also, it should be software/hardware compatible to sync with your PC without much trouble.

Power options are a must to check out before finalizing the device. Replaceable alkaline batteries give you freedom to move around than the power outlets or PC USB ports.

Explore all available options in case the built-in memory isn’t enough. You can go for expandable storage too.

If you need to view videos or photos then choosing a device with larger and clearer LCD screen would be wise.

You may wonder in the wake of so many digital audio players available, is it still better to go for an MP3 Player! Well, Apple’s iPhone may have altered the view, but a dedicated player definitely sounds better and offers user-friendly controls than hybrid modules. So, it is best to know the device, somewhat, before taking the plunge to buy it.

Author: Piyali

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