Newsight 3D LCD Photo Frame – Explore the Changed World of Photo Frames

We all love decorating our walls with pictures within photo frames. Some of us, who are more technology savvy, have moved a step ahead using digital photo frames. Although they display still photos, but they serve as good source of entertainment for guests. How about viewing photos in a 3D photo frame? Sounds intriguing? Well, it is. Newsight has introduced an interesting 3D LCD Photo Frame which enables you to see around the 3D images.

Get Rid of Glasses

Newsight is an expert in creating photo frames which do not require glasses to view pictures. You can view 3D images on this gadget via auto-stereoscopic LCD without using glasses.

‘See Around’ images

The Newsight 3D LCD being auto-stereoscopic is not that a big surprise anymore, but ‘motion parallax’ definitely is. What does that exactly mean? Well, you can actually see the images while moving around this device. Generally, you are able to make out images closer to you than the others, but you are unable to see around them to find what’s behind. Now you can see around the photo, and view it from different angles even at the tilt of your head.

Software Program Performs Magic

Now you must be wondering that how is that possible. As you can see a number of wires hooked on the Newsight 3D LCD Photo Frame in the image above so, you must have guessed that this miracle is the workmanship of a software program. The software runs on a computer separately.  It is capable of generating five different perspectives of a single 2D or 3D image. This in-turn enables you to see the images as you had never perceived them before.

Newsight is already experimenting ahead by creating a single device wherein the photo frame will not require a PC for image processing. In fact the imagination has extended up to a possibility where the future models of the 3D photo frame will not only be independent of a computer, but also be able to exchange pictures with other similar frames.

The next time you plan a re-do of your house interior, do check out in the market if Newsight 3D LCD Photo Frame is out there. It not only adds to the elegance of your living space, but also enhances your experience of re-living those precious moments and cherishing them.

Author: Piyali

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