Qbo-Open Source Robot Announced by TheCorpora

Do you dream of having a personal robot at home for getting your household chores done? Do you prefer a robot to a pet as it doesn’t need care? With the technology gaining new heights daily, won’t you like having a robot with which you can talk and relate? TheCorpora has introduced Qbo, a cute, penguin looking, small robot.

Features of the Hand-less Robot

Yes, surprisingly enough, Qbo has no hands. At just about 18 inches tall and about 12 inches wide, it weighs around 9 – 11 Kg. You will never bump into it nor step on it as it has just the right size for its existence and yours too (without having to worry about a huge robot taking control of your house!).

  • The robot has stereoscopic vision with two high-definition webcams under two motorized eyelids (to give it human touch!) in a movable head. It can recognize 2D and 3D objects with depth, color and face. Its ears are made of omni-directional and unidirectional microphones.
  • If you wish to just blurt out your present state of mind then Qbo is all ears for you. It can recognize speech and can perform speech synthesis too!
  • Its mouth is made up of 20 LEDs and a single LED functions as its nose.
  • The ultrasonic sensors inside its belly protect it from pitfalls and crashes, and it can easily avoid objects in its path.
  • The base section of the Qbo has a Mini-ITX motherboard, an Intel Atom processor combined with NVIDIA Ion graphics, all having a flavor of Linux. There are also infrared sensors, two high-quality stereo speakers, sealed battery, and a status LCD display.
  • It has API and Web control panel together with Wi-fi connection and Bluetooth to communicate. It won’t be surprising if the robot streams YouTube videos in HD (provided appropriate outputs are there for support).
  • You need not run around to recharge Qbo as it automatically heads towards the auto-charging docking station on its rear and free front wheel.

TheCorpora’s Qbo is an open source robot thus anybody with a particular bent of mind can jump into the project and contribute to its conceptualization and formation. Imagine how your life can change once it is out there to become a cute family member.

Author: Piyali

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