With Toshiba’s OCB LCDs for 3D Glasses Enjoy Home Theatre

Have you always wished for a pair of 3D glasses to play those rocking 3D games, without getting a head-ache or strained, red eyes at the end? Don’t those cute animation movies steal your imagination? How about watching them in the comfort of your home, reclined on the sofa, with 3D glasses? Toshiba with its OCB LCD panels for 3D Glasses enables you to enjoy 3D games, movies or watch TV for extended durations without getting your eyes fatigued.

We all Love Realistic Images

It is the increasing demand for more realistic images that is empowering 3D display in applications, such as games, mobile phones, TV broadcasts, and movies. The stereoscopics’market is expected to expand in the future. The OCB (Optically Compensated Bend) Liquid Crystal Display panels, launched by Toshiba, form a part of the same growth.

This technology is basically time-division based where the images appear alternately for the left and the right eyes with the help of special glasses acting as synchronous shutters. When the left image appears then the left liquid crystal shutter opens while the right one closes. Similar process repeats when the right image appears. We synthesize the left and right images in our brain and recognize them as 3D images when the opening and the closing of the shutters happen at a high speed.

If the left and the right images get mixed up then what we get is a double vision which is called 3D crosstalk which degrades the image quality and causes strained eyes.

In its new LCD panels, Toshiba has used OCB technology to achieve high-speed response while maintaining a high contrast.

Benefits of OCB LCD

Reduced 3D Crosstalk

Now, when you use the Toshiba OCB technology empowered glasses, you can bid adieu to eye fatigue as there is significant 3D crosstalk reduction.

Provides Wide Field of View

These OCB LCD panels provide you with a wide field of view such as in movie theatres. So, you can take pleasure in viewing vivid 3D images right inside your living room.

Enjoy High-Quality 3D Images

You can enjoy high-quality real-like images and view 3D movies or TV for long sessions at a stretch.

The next time you plan to invite your friends over for a 3D game match, do arrange for yourself a pair of 3D glasses with Toshiba’s OCB LCD technology to enhance your 3D experience.

Author: Piyali

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