Volkswagen ‘Bik.e’ rolled Out to Take you for a Ride

Imagine that you happen to be in your car at the end of a crowded street and to reach the destination a few streets need to be crossed still! Or else, imagine that on a Sunday, outside a busy supermarket, there is no more space left for parking as you reach at the peak time. How are you going to reach the supermarket from the parking point? If you often rely on your two legs then it is good, but if not, then what? Throw out that extra tire from the trunk and place the Volkswagen (VW) electric bicycle, ‘Bik.e’ there.

Foldable Electrical Bicycle

I am not being crazy. Just think that for such situations as exemplified above, you can use a bicycle from the car parking point to the destination. Doesn’t that sound pretty cool? Yeah, Volkswagen has recently introduced a foldable electrical bicycle without pedals that can easily fit into your car where a spare tire is kept. The fact that the bicycle has no pedals, some people may call it an electric scooter.

You may wonder what this article is doing on this gadgets’ blog. Well, VW has indeed launched an amazing gadget which is ‘mobility enhancer’ and a ‘mobile art’. A simple gadget which when folded becomes a flat disk, easy to carry around effortlessly.

Battery Strength

This battery-powered device gets charged easily, as you travel in your car, through DC current. Its batteries can be replenished through a normal AC plug in your home too.

On full charge, ‘Bik.e’ can take you at a top speed of 20Km/hr and upto a range of 20 kilometers. If you have a flat tire mid-way then you can ride your bicycle and get some help atleast! Its disk-brakes and LED lights keep you safe on the streets.

Although ‘Bik.e’ may seem similar to Lexus’ bicycle concept, but Lexus’ is a hybrid version and VW’ket although not with its cars. For all those lazy-bones, two tires are definitely better than just one tire and two legs.

Watch Volkswagen Bik.e (Volkswagen Electric Bike) Video

Author: Piyali

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