Why It’s Stupid to Buy an iPad For Reading Books

iPad versus e-book readers

Any device that comes with an “i” at the beginning of its name gets people crazy. More often the craze is justified, if not wise, to get crazy about products with “i” at the beginning, but occasionally it is not that good an idea.

We have to accept that not every Apple product is worth its salt, Apple iPad is one such product, especially as an e-book reader. Before I proceed further, I must tell you I do not belong to any of the “I hate Apple products” groups, and I am a proud owner of couple of their products, but iPad is not one of them.

Why iPad couldn’t be an e-book reader?

Reading books on an iPad defeats the whole purpose of buying an altogether different device for reading books, as the backlit display of iPad puts the reader’s eyes into danger – the very thing for which an e-book reader was designed, in the first place.

Unlike Kindle, Nook, and several other e-book readers, which use EDP (electronic paper display) technology E-Ink, Apple iPad has a backlit display that emits harmful radiations. Looking on any backlit screen for a long time could result in undesirable short-term effects like eye strains, watery eyes, and headache. In the long run, continuous use of such a display could also put you at risk of impaired vision and glaucoma. Along with mobility, this is the reason why people stopped reading on their computer screens, and started to use e-book readers that came fitted with displays which mimicked contrast-level of real paper.

E-book readers perform better in the broad daylight

E-book reader also scores a point over Apple iPad on its readability in the broad daylight. Unlike devices with backlit displays, dedicated e-book readers produce better result in broad daylight. An e-book reader soaks in the sunlight and uses it to reproduce the texts on the screen, which has a contrast ratio comparable to that of paper. And the brighter the light source the clearer will be the texts on the screen. As said earlier, the radiation emitted by an e-book reader is absolute zero.

As an e-book reader, the only advantage that Apple iPad has over a dedicated e-book reader is the support for various file types. Contrary to what many people want to believe, a color screen does not translate into real benefit for e-book readers because hardly anyone wants to read text in any color other than black.

In a book reading device, a color screen is a good to have feature, but it is not a must have feature. It, indeed, could help you read digital version of coffee table books or books with lots of photograph, but if you are an avid book reader who has well-passed the stage of reading picture books then iPad is not the device you should invest in. For you, it is stupid to buy an Apple ipad.

What iPad could have been

Seeing the long battery life (more than ten hours), Apple iPad could have been pitched as a device suitable for multimedia consumption while travelling, with a possible side benefit of its suitability to be used as a net surfing and web consumption device, and maybe as a device that could be occasionally used to read digital documents.

Apple has missed this opportunity. Pitching it as a replacement for e-book reader was never a good idea.

Author: Piyali

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  1. if only iPad have the technology to become a good eBook Reader then it would be the best. if they could eliminate the glare and radiation produced from the backlights then surely most users would prefer iPad. since it can read many file formats and have a wireless connection, it would top the market. but then again if only they could eliminate the problem

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    • Amit,

      Radiation is the main problem with iPad, but i am afraid, there is no way to remove it without switching to E-Ink technology. And if Apple change the display, all the frills of Apple iPad will be gone because at the current level of technology E-Ink cannot render color.

      If anyone wants an e-book reader then Apple iPad is not the thing to go with, for rest it is a good product.

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